Our social media channels (including Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) contain the views and opinions of Mobius Capital Partners on financial matters and our personal opinions. 

These views may change and are expressed for informational purposes only, they should not be taken as advice or as a recommendation to make an investment decision.  Retweets, likes or other onwards sharing of content are not endorsements. 

Social media is a place where people exchange information, opinions and experiences to learn, develop and have fun.  Whether employees are handling a corporate account or use one of their own, they should remain productive.  This policy provides practical advice to avoid issues that might arise by careless use of social media in the workplace. 

We allow employees to access their personal accounts at work.  However, we expect them to act responsibly and ensure their productivity isn’t affected.  When representing our company, we advise employees to: 

  • Stay relevant: Contribute to the discussion with information that would be of interest to your peers 
  • Use good judgement about what and how you share: Maintain a friendly environment.  Keep in mind that your posts can potentially tarnish or infringe on the rights of someone else. 
  • Treat others with respect: Do not post inappropriate or offensive material 
  • Be honest by disclosing your identity, be clear that your views are your own and be careful about what you share and how you share it 

We want to encourage conversations and debates via our social media channels.  We reserve the right to block comments where appropriate.  This type of content includes (but is not limited to) comments that put us in legal jeopardy, includes racist and sexist language, break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity.